Patient Quotes

Barbara R., VenaCure EVLT patient
“I feel VenaCure EVLT was the right procedure for me because there was no downtime; there was no scar, no incision, really like no healing.”

Barbara D.,
VenaCure EVLT patient
“The VenaCure EVLT procedure was covered by my insurance.”

Todd W.,
VenaCure EVLT patient
“The results of the VenaCure EVLT procedure really exceeded my expectations.” 

Suzanne B., VenaCure EVLT patient
“The VenaCure EVLT procedure has given me the ability to be more active without worrying about the pain that I’m going to be in later in the day, and also I feel more happy and proud to show my legs."

Arthur N., VenaCure EVLT patient
“Since the VenaCure EVLT procedure, I really have not had any pain.   My legs look great and I think I can thank the VenaCure EVLT system for that."

Susan D., VenaCure EVLT patient
“Since the VenaCure EVLT procedure,  I’ve taken care of my varicose veins, I have no limit on how much I can exercise now.   I just get up and I do what I want to do every day."

Nanette T., VenaCure EVLT patient
"Ultrasound concluded what I had already suspected because of the alleviation of my symptoms. Where radio frequency had failed, the laser procedure had been successful in the closure of the vein in my right leg. I am extremely grateful to the clinic, doctors and staff for helping me. I can't believe how simple the procedure was and how much better I feel."

Demetra H., VenaCure EVLT patient
I’m very pleased with the results. The varicose vein on the top of my leg is entirely gone. There’s no scarring, there’s no pain any longer. A lot of the swelling I had a result of the varicosity in my ankles has gone away and there is a noticeable difference now as compared to before."

Irene T., VenaCure EVLT patient
“It’s not an uncomfortable procedure, it went very smoothly and seems like you’re in and out within an hour.”

Bob M., DDS, VenaCure EVLT patient
"There was a minimal amount of time lost, you wouldn’t be out of work that long and the amount of discomfort seemed to be considerably less than a standard stripping technique.”

Valerie H., VenaCure EVLT patient
“You could speak with the doctor while it’s being done and not feel anything and get up and walk out the door.”

Zula H., VenaCure EVLT patient
"I could play golf and wear shorts if I wanted to. My legs weren’t ugly and they didn’t hurt anymore."