November 2010 Newsletter

Are the holidays affecting your varicose veins?

Let’s face it; with the holidays right around the corner, many of us forget to follow our health regiments. Exercise, proper eating and solid sleep go out the window. We generally spend hours running errands and shopping to prepare for our festivities. When shopping, remember to take breaks and rest often. The increased pressure from standing for long periods of time can worsen the veins in your legs and feet. If you notice an increase in pain from walking and standing, it's time to contact a physician to discuss treatment options for your varicose veins.

Learn more about treatments for painful varicose veins.

What causes varicose veins?

It would be easy if we could pinpoint a single cause of varicose veins, but that’s not possible. There are many factors that increase your risk, such as family history, excess pressure on your legs from standing, being overweight and pregnancy to name just a few. Varicose veins affect more than 40 million Americans every year. While you can’t stop the development of varicose veins, you can take proactive steps to treat them.

Learn more about varicose veins and how the VenaCure EVLT® procedure may be the answer for you.

VenaCure EVLT® procedure featured on local fox news

Dr. Melissa Neisen of the Minneapolis Vein Center was recently interviewed about Venacure EVLT laser vein treatment on Fox 9, an affiliate covering the Minneapolis/St. Paul media market. Watch the segment now to learn why varicose veins develop and what you can do to treat them.       

FAQ of the month

Will insurance cover the VenaCure EVLT procedure?
Insurance carriers typically cover the VenaCure EVLT procedure when medically necessary. Patients must demonstrate symptomatic venous reflux disease, such as pain, swelling, leg cramps, ulcers or bleeding from varicosities, along with the presence of reflux on ultrasound scan.