December 2010 Newsletter

VenaCure EVLT® treatment won't slow you down

With the Holidays upon us, most of us are running at full capacity. The thought of a vein procedure can be scary, especially when you are busy. VenaCure EVLT treatment removes the stress; it’s a clinically proven alternative to traditional and painful ligation and stripping surgery. The treatment generally takes less than one hour in a doctor’s office and offers immediate relief with minimal-to-no scarring. Patients can usually resume normal activities immediately with minimal or no pain. It requires no general anesthesia and offers minimal risk and shorter recovery time.

Learn more about the VenaCure EVLT procedure and how you will be back  on your feet in no time.

VenaCure EVLT treatment makes headlines again

Dr. Bob Ruffner, Orlando, FL, has always been active but his swollen veins literally blocked him from living a normal life. See how the VenaCure EVLT procedure helped him return to his normal routine.

FAQ of the month

How does the VenaCure EVLT system actually work to treat varicose veins?
A laser fiber is fired inside and along the length of your faulty, varicose vein. The laser energy heats the blood, which then damages the vein wall, shrinking it closed so that blood can no longer flow through. Your blood is automatically routed to other, healthy veins.