Customer Feedback

David Vanderpool, MD, Vascular Surgeon. Laser and Vein Aesthetics, Brentwood, TN
“Clinical literature clearly shows VenaCure EVLT™ to be more effective and less traumatic than ligation & stripping. I expect this procedure to replace the vast majority of L&S procedures for varicose vein treatment over the next few years. It’s simple, easy to learn, and patients love the results. You owe it to your patients to offer this option.”

Steven Elias, MD, Director of the Center for Vein Disease at the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Englewood, NJ
“I have personally performed hundreds of VenaCure EVLT procedures and hundreds of RF procedures. Given that my patients’ outcomes are similar, some factors I use to evaluate the procedures are simplicity, speed and cost. VenaCure EVLT involves fewer steps, takes less time, and disposable costs are far less than RF. Each physician should bear these factors in mind when making their own decision.”

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, Board Certified Phlebologist and Director of the Vein Treatment Center
“The new VenaCure EVLT NeverTouch catheter has eclipsed the older generation of EVLT catheters. The NeverTouch system uses a "gold jacket" at its tip that is much superior to the "bare jacket" EVLT catheters. No longer do patients need to have vein stripping because the VenaCure EVLT NeverTouch system is done INSTEAD of vein stripping".

Lowell S. Kabnick, MD, FACS, FACPh, New York University Medical Center, and Director of the New York University Vein Center
“The laser is very safe. I’ve been using laser for over ten years in my practice. The new precision laser by AngioDynamics for the use of ablating the saphenous vein is really a save, effective, proven method and I really have been very happy with it, it certainly better than the old procedure of ligation and stripping.”

Robert Min, MD
Endovenous laser ablation is a proven and safe technology. I’ve been using endovenous laser ablation for over a decade and my patients have been extraordinarily pleased with the outcome. The procedure is very, very safe. It’s also extraordinarily effective, in fact more effective than the more traditional, more invasive surgical options available.