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90cm NeverTouch Before and After Promo VenaCure EVLT TV Commercial
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Diode Laser

AngioDynamics' diode lasers are a reliable and proven technology that makes treating varicose veins easier. DELTA Series Laser

AngioDynamics is one of the few vein treatment companies to manufacture our own lasers and fiber components. Our lasers are hand-crafted in AngioDynamics’ United Kingdom facility, where the world’s first commercial high-power medical diode laser was produced in 1993. Our industry-leading three-year warrenty ensures the highest quality laser box and service. Ablate veins with the confidence that AngioDynamics’ equipment is the highest quality available on the market.

As the world leader in endovenous laser ablation, we're dedicated to helping physicians treat more patients with ease. The lightweight, compact and portable laser includes a Fiber Recongnition System, which facilitates fewer steps enabling a shorter procedure set-up, and the intuitive user interface makes the laser easy to use.

The Delta 810 nm laser is available in 15 or 30 watts for a wide range of clinical applications. With more than 10 years of clinical evidence, the 810 wavelength is the wavelength of choice for many clinicians and has been in use longer than any other wavelength, with the most success data. It was the first laser for endovenous ablation to receive FDA approval, and it continues to effectively treat varicose veins associated with venous disease.

AngioDynamics has recently expanded its VenaCure EVLT® System product offering with the global launch of the new VenaCure® 1470nm laser to treat varicose veins with greater energy efficiency.  The VenaCure 1470nm laser’s light energy is precisely delivered through the NeverTouch gold-tip fiber, and is more readily absorbed by the water in the blood and endothelial lining than is the case with other wavelengths.

Refer to full Instructions for Use on how to use this medical device.