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Spotlight One-Piece Sheath

Easier, Faster and Smaller Than Other Bare-Tip Fibers

The Spotlight OPS® procedure kit makes treating veins easier and faster than other bare-tip fiber kits. Designed in collaboration with leading interventional physicians, the Spotlight™ One-Piece Sheath has all the features physicians need to effectively treat the SSV, major tributaries and the full GSV.

The tungsten-loaded sheath tip increases echogenicity allowing for bright and easy tip placement while the smooth, soft, atraumatic tip and low profile makes it easy to navigate.

Unique self-dilation technology eliminates the need for a separate dilator, resulting in less components, less exchanges and faster procedures.

The low-profile sheath has one of the smallest outer diameters on the market.

The Spotlight OPS system features:

  • Bare-tip Fiber with Site Marks - Site marks provide enhanced safety in positioning of laser fiber tip
  • One-Piece Introducer Sheath - One-piece self-dilating sheath available in 25 cm, 55 cm and 80 cm lengths cover a full spectrum of ablation needs
  • Tungsten-loaded Atraumatic Tip - With superior echogenicity, the smooth and soft atraumatic tip is less traumatic upon insertion and during venous navigation
  • 3 Color-coded Lengths - Color-coding provides easy length identification and mating to laser fibers
  • Clearly Numbered Sheath Markings - Increased safety with clear indication of distance to end and enhanced ability to measure progress
  • Entry Point Marker - Easy marking of initial depth of sheath insertion for quick assessment of treated vein length
  • Ergonomic Hub - Simple twist-and-click hub provides ease of use when securing fiber and creating hemostatic seal
  • Double-ended .035” Guidewire - Straight-tip and J-tip ends give you a choice when navigating tortuous veins
  • Gripper with RFID Chip - Easy connection to laser and embedded chip transfers key fiber data to laser (AngioDynamics Delta lasers only)
  • Improved Packaging Configuration - Components for access and therapy in a separate sterile package means less waste if unable to access and a smaller footprint equals easier storage

Contact your local sales representative or call 800-772-6446 to order.

Refer to full Instructions for Use on how to use this medical device.

The Laser Procedure Kits are intended for use in the treatment of varicose veins and varicosities associated with superficial vein reflux of the Great Saphenous vein, and with veins in the lower limbs with superficial reflux. The D15 Plus, D30 Plus, DELTA-15 and DELTA-30 lasers and Kits are indicated for treatment of incompetent refluxing veins in the superficial venous system.

Patients with thrombus in the vein segment to be treated. Patients with an aneurysmal section in the vein segment to be treated. Patients with peripheral arterial disease as determined by an Ankle-Brachial Index < 0.9. Patients with an inability to ambulate. Patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Patients who are pregnant or breast feeding. Patients in general poor health. Other contraindications may be raised by the individual physician at the time of treatment. Extremely tortuous vein segments may require treatment by alternative techniques (phlebectomy, sclerotherapy).

Potential complications include, but are not limited to the following: vessel perforation, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, phlebitis, hematoma, infection, paresthesia, skin burns, and thrombophlebitis.

Treatment of a vein located close to the skin surface may result in skin burn. Paresthesia may occur from thermal damage to adjacent sensory nerves. Tissue not targeted for treatment must be protected from injury by direct and reflected laser energy with appropriate eye and protective wear for both patient and operating personnel.

Prior to and during use, avoid damaging the fiber by striking, stressing, or excessive bending of the fiber. Do not coil the fiber tighter than a radius of 60 mm. The positions of the sitemarks on the VenaCure EVLT fiber have been matched to the introducer sheath provide in the VenaCure EVLT procedure kit. Alternative sheaths must not be substituted. Prior to and during use, avoid bending the introducer sheath and dilator as this can cause kinks and damage. Do not coil the sheath tighter than a radius of 60 mm. The entry needle provided with this kit is matched to the size of the guidewire and should not be substituted. Do not tighten the compression clamp on sheath until fiber is in position.

NOTE: Patients on anticoagulant therapy are still eligible for treatment. Most physicians will only treat patients with an I.N.R. (Internal Normalized Ratio) at the lower therapeutic limits. It is sometimes helpful to nick the skin with a scalpel at the puncture site either to aid insertion of the needle, or after guidewire insertion.

The VenaCure EVLT™ system can be performed under local anesthesia in the physician’s office or as an outpatient treatment. The VenaCure EVLT™ system must only be performed by a qualified physician who has received specialized training in the techniques described.

*AngioDynamics lasers only

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