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Procedure Kits

VenaCure EVLT Procedure Kits

AngioDynamics introduced the industry's first procedure kit for endovenous laser therapy with the first FDA-cleared kit in 2003. Since that time, we have been the leading innovator in the field of endovenous laser vein ablation, and now offer a breadth of kits so you can target your therapies to specific venous anatomy, from short segments to long.

As the only company to manufacture both the laser and the kits for laser varicose vein therapy, we are able to combine innovation with quality across the entire platform. Our revolutionary NeverTouch fiber kit is leading the industry in patient safety and comfort. In fact, an ongoing study being conducted at New York University is already establishing superior quality of life outcomes for patients when compared to other therapies. AngioDynamics is the only company that offers our exclusive Spotlight OPS™ procedure kit, a quantum leap in sheath technology that sets a new standard for size, speed, and visibility. The Spotlight OPS, one-piece sheath, eliminates the need for a separate dilator.

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