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VenaCure 1470 Laser Before and After Promo A patient wonders why she didn't opt for laser vein treatment sooner!
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Aqua Liner® Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Now… a guidewire with a hydrophilic coating that lasts as long as your vein procedure does. Exceptional kink-resistance and a softer, smoothly tapered chemically engineered tip all combine to assure efficient, atraumatic interventional procedures, even in the most tortuous anatomy. A choice of straight or angled tip provides the right configuration for any clinical need.

The real test of effective hydrophilic performance is endurance. After all, if a guidewire’s lubricity diminishes over the course of a procedure, the result can be time-consuming as well as costly. That’s why Aqua Liner guidewire from AngioDynamics® has been engineered to provide the hydrophilic longevity that minimally invasive procedures demand.

For more than a decade, interventional physicians have depended upon AngioDynamics for design ingenuity and consistent quality in angiographic catheters. Today, we offer that same standard of innovation and excellence in a guidewire with all the performance advantages of the leading brand… plus a hydrophilic coating that lasts as long as your procedure does. All in all, an exceptional return on your investment.

Micro Introducer KitMicrointroducer for perforator vein ablation

Our micro introducer kit features a 21 gauge needle, 0.018 inch guide wire, and dilator for cases of difficult access or venospasm.

Safety Glasses and Other Accessories

AngioDynamics provides a variety of other accessories including laser safety glasses, carrying cases, warning signs, and other items you will need to perform VenaCure EVLT treatment.Safety Glasses for Laser Vein Therapy