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October 2011 Newsletter

Informational vs. Sales Advertising

Advertising is a paid method of communication between a vendor and client.  Advertisements are developed with different objectives in mind, such as informational advertising versus sales advertising.                     

Informational advertisements present factual information about an offering. Often they include a detailed overview, verifiable data and other relevant information about a procedure. They can be impactful in the medical field when used to inform a prospect about symptoms, medical conditions and treatments they may not know exist. When developed correctly, they also lend creditability to the physician in a specific field and expand the potential client base.  Informational ads should clearly describe the services being provided and indicate how the potential customer can locate a practicing physician.

Sales advertisements are also used to present factual information about a service and convert a prospect to a client. They differ from informational ads by focusing on an emotional response. A strategic sales advertisement will outline the problem and define how a potential client would benefit from the service; for example, "Removal of Unsightly and Painful Varicose Veins."

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Placing Informational Ads vs. Sales Ads

Informational ads tend to be lengthier than sales ads. It is important to identify cost effective, highly targeted placement opportunities that will raise awareness to larger groups. Informational ads will do well in small distinct publications, such as "new mothers" publications, hospital newsletters, nursing home newsletters, geriatric service publications and online locations with similar reach. Consider online placement with vein specific medical sites.

Sales ads tend to be smaller in physical size and focused on converting prospects to clients. In addition to using them as a follow up to informational ads, consider key word advertisements, local newspapers, local hospital and clinical newsletters and websites. Make sure to pick locations that meet your target market goals. Be creative!

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