June 2011 Newsletter

Introducing the New VenaCure 1470nm Laser

On May 31, 2011, AngioDynamics announced the global launch of the new VenaCure® 1470nm laser to treat varicose veins with greater energy efficiency. The VenaCure 1470nm laser’s light energy is precisely delivered through the NeverTouch® gold-tip fiber, and is more readily absorbed by the water in the blood and endothelial lining than is the case with other wavelengths. The VenaCure 1470nm laser offers all the same features and reliability as the Delta laser platform:

  • Hand-crafted in AngioDynamics’ United Kingdom facility
  • Designed to work exclusively with the NeverTouch fiber
  • The Fiber Recognition System (FRS) which allows for fewer steps and shorter procedure time
  • Indrustry-leading 3-year warranty

Combined with a whole new look and the innovation of the 1470nm wavelength, the VenaCure 1470nm laser helps physicians treat more patients with ease.  To learn more, visit www.VenaCure-EVLT.com/1470 or contact your sales representative.  For customer service,
call 1-800-772-6446.

Whitepapers for Lead Capture

Whitepapers are a great way to generate leads. But like any other marketing activity, it must be done correctly to be effective.  What is a whitepaper? A whitepaper is an in-depth article focusing on a specific topic. People read a whitepaper expecting to learn. The tone should be professional, and the content should be well written with graphics and facts to substantiate claims.
Key elements of developing a whitepaper:

  • Identify a topic that is relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  • Focus on the topic details rather than your practice.
  • Keep the length to 6 or less pages.
  • Be patient and thorough when writing.
  • Have the whitepaper reviewed by a professional for grammar.

Promoting Your Whitepaper

Once you have completed your whitepaper, it’s time to promote it. People will need to know it’s available before they can read it. One way to promote the whitepaper is to write a press release. The press release can be sent to various media outlets and should include a link to the whitepaper landing page on your website. Another option is online advertising. Banners on relevant websites may drive traffic to your landing page – see our February Newsletter for online advertising information. Login to our customer-only media site to take our marketing tutorial to learn more about how to write press releases and use advertising most effectively.