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January 2011 Newsletter

Do Your Patients Feel Educated?

Are you doing enough to educate your patients about disease management? Medical Marketing & Media recently summarized a MedTera study from September, and noted that most patients feel their doctors are not providing sufficient information. The study revealed that a high percentage of patients are looking for more comprehensive information about disease management.

AngioDynamics can help customers close the information gap by providing practices with valuable patient education tools. Practices can link to the VenaCure EVLT website for extensive information pertaining to venous disease. Or, we can help you broaden your site with rich media content. Login to our customer-only portal to view patient education materials and more.

Homepage Design Essentials

Your homepage is the most important space on your website. Potential patients open your website and make the decision about your services within seconds. Make sure you clearly define your goals (what you want your users to learn and do) before creating your website. Keep those goals in mind while developing your design and information. Tips for developing your homepage:

  • Keep the design clean and simple
  • Use appropriate and non-offensive color schemes
  • Introduce your offering in a simple and concise manner
  • Provide targeted navigation
  • Update content on a regular basis

As part of the MVP marketing support program, AngioDynamics’ laser customers can receive a complimentary review of their website. Contact your sales rep to learn how you can optimize your search results, improve patient education and clearly convey the services you offer to increase the number of patients coming through your doors.

Clear Navigation Is Important

With the vast amount of information available on the web, users leave a site when they are unable to quickly locate the information they are looking for. It’s important to create navigation menus that are intuitive and descriptive so a user can locate items within seconds. Users also want to know where they are on the site at all times. Menu consistency is essential, allowing a user to easily relocate information they have previously seen on the site and allowing them to move between sections. Before developing the website, map out the information you will provide, how to best group it, and decide where items should be placed in your navigation set. Make sure contact information is easily found on every page.

Learn more about AngioDynamics practice marketing support for additional tips on how to successfully market your practice.