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February 2011 Newsletter

Internet Advertising Development Basics

Online advertising is generally used to create awareness, and to drive traffic to an advertiser’s website through a link. The three most common advertising types are Banners, Text Ads and Sponsorships. Most often, these types of advertising opportunities are purchased on a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. That means that an advertiser would either pay for each click to their site, or up front for a set amount of times their advertisement will be displayed. Online advertisements act in a similar fashion as traditional advertisements, identifying your product or service, but have the benefit of immediate click over if the viewer is interested.
Banners: Typically created using an image and other technologies to incorporate sound, movement or other types of special effects. Banners vary in size and position within a web page and are typically rotated with other advertisers.
Text Ads: Generally comprised of a short amount of text (limited in lines and character counts) and are linked back to the advertiser's website.
Sponsorships: Tend to go a step further than banner advertising by aligning the media outlet and advertiser. They are usually used for branding purposes and typically encompass larger amounts of real estate within a web page.
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Internet Advertisement Placement

When placing internet advertisements, like print advertising, it’s essential that you select outlets that are targeted. By spending time identifying the highest targeted sites (such as online magazines, medical sites, etc.), you will have a better response rate and higher quality leads. Once you have selected the right target locations, make sure to create focused copy. Deliver a concise, simple and enticing message to your audience, focusing on only one product or service offering at a time. The landing page you link to should expand on the message of your online advertisement.

AngioDynamics Drives Patients To Customers' Doors Through TV Campaign

Stay tuned for an all new television commercial to air on cable channels. This 30-second VenaCure EVLT procedure commercial will target women aged 45-65. The goal is to drive potential patients to VenaCure-EVLT.com where they can locate a physician who performs the VenaCure EVLT procedure in their area. This is just one more example of AngioDynamics' dedication to helping our customers grow their practices.

The commercial can be viewed by clicking the link on the right.