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December 2011 Newsletter

Analyzing Your Client’s Buying Cycle

A client buying cycle, or sales cycle, is the pattern a typical customer will follow when deciding to purchase your services. Since your goal is to increase the number of clients and shorten the buying cycle, it’s important to analyze the typical pattern your clients follow. This can be done through research with current clients and by following leads from start to finish.

For instance, a typical buying cycle may look like this:

  • Person notices varicose veins and realizes they want to do something about them
  • Person uses online resources to learn about options and comes across your practice, perhaps on the VenaCure EVLT physician locator
  • Person spends time on your website and determines if you are a valid option for follow up
  • Person contacts your practice through phone, email or other method
  • Person schedules a consultation
  • Person considers insurance coverage and cost
  • Person decides if they will have treatment

Remember, the data you are collecting needs to come from the client. To be effective, you have to watch and document their patterns. It should not be a list of what you think they are doing.

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How To Shorten The Buying Cycle

Now that you have collected data, you will be able to improve the buying cycle. There are three main issues to consider.

  1. Are people finding you?
    Do you have a large number of leads coming in on a steady basis? If the answer is no, then you need to adjust the marketing efforts you are using to bring in new clients, such as website, online advertising, press releases, print mailers, physician referrals, etc.
  2. Where are the longest intervals between actions?
    If you look at the data and notice that there are long lead times between certain events, such as time from initial contact to booking of screening or decision from screening to treatment, then you need to explore other methods of communication that will expedite the action. Try actions such as increased follow-up calls, booking next appointments before a client leaves or an incentive to bring them in faster.
  3. Where are you losing leads?
    If the data shows that you are losing leads at a particular part of the buying cycle, it’s time to revamp your efforts. Consider alternatives to your current methods and test your theories. View our e-newsletter archives for more ideas on how to market your practice.

The most important thing to remember when looking at the buying cycle is that you need to keep your target market in mind, always remembering what their expectations and goals are so you can meet their needs. Anaylze and adjust your process on a regular basis.

Making Headlines

The VenaCure EVLT procedure was recently featured on NBC. View it now for details on how the FDA- cleared VenaCure EVLT procedure is being used to treat varicose veins and allowing patients a faster recovery with minimal-to-no scarring or downtime.

Men’s Health
Men’s Health delves into varicose veins from a male perspective in an article titled 'The Grandma Disease that Strikes Young Men'. Learn how varicose veins can impact you and how doctors are using lasers, such as the VenaCure EVLT procedure, to seal shut varicose veins.