April 2011 Newsletter

Invite Customers to Use Their Tax Refund

During April, everyone is focused on the daunting task of completing their taxes. Once people learn they're receiving a tax refund, everyone dreams of ways to use that new found fortune. Now is the perfect time to invite your patients or prospects to treat themselves to the vein care they have been putting off. Consider a special offer that allows them to stretch their refund dollars and brings them in your door now.

Use Your Tax Refund to Bring In Business

What better way to use your own tax refund than to bring in new business. Consider investing in new marketing efforts to help grow your practice. Try a direct mail campaign, a print advertisement, a radio commercial program, or email campaign that you have been putting off due to funding. Login to our customer-only media portal to access tools that can help you accomplish all the above and more. Contact your sales rep if you don't remember your password.
Need more ideas or help on how to create a campaign? Visit our newsletter archive for ideas and tips. Remember, AngioDynamics offers an extensive marketing program to get you up and going quickly. Let us help you grow your practice.

Email Subject Lines

Last month we focused on using email as an effective method of communication, along with proper structure techniques. We briefly touched on the topic of the email subject line, noting that it should be clear and inviting so the message will be opened. A well structured subject line is important, as most readers will decide to open or delete an email based on those few initial characters. Here are more tips for effective subject line development:

  • Call out important and relevant information about your topic, offer or special program. Offers are a powerful way to entice a reader to learn more and should be clearly identified in the subject line.
  • Create curiosity that entices them to open and read your email to learn more.
  • Avoid spam keywords (such as 'free') that will cause SPAM filters to automatically reject your message.
  • Ensure the person can easily identify who the message is coming from, making sure the ‘From’ address includes your company name.
  • Avoid the use of ALL CAPS and excessive punctuation which most readers find confusing.

These are just a few simple tips for creating effective email subject lines. The AngioDynamics MVP Marketing Support Program for Maximizing VenaCure EVLT Potential™ can help you get started with many of your marketing needs.