September 2010 Newsletter

Remind Patients to Use Their FSA's

With most corporate fiscal years coming to an end, this is the perfect time to remind patients to use their FSAs (flexible spending accounts). Be creative with your marketing promotions - consider email or print flyers. Let your patients know that any money that is left unspent in their FSA at the end of the coverage period will be lost, which makes now the perfect time to have the treatments they have been putting off. (Not all patients will qualify to have their procedure covered by their FSAs, so be sure to encourage them to check with their insurance provider first.)

AngioDynamics strives to offer outstanding products and practice support. Visit our website for full details.

New Product

AngioDyanmics recently announced its NEW .018” system for NeverTouch® procedure kits. The .018” long-access guidewire eliminates the need to exchange wires and size up, resulting in fewer procedure steps and a faster procedure time. 

Learn more about the NeverTouch gold-tip fiber and the new 018” system.

Radio Marketing

With expanding radio markets, radio commercials have become a great marketing tool. Medical practices can use radio to reach highly targeted segments using custom messages, for reasonable rates. The recommended commercial length is 60+ seconds. Your message will need to be creative and concise, outlining the overall problem and solution along with promotion details. Always include a ‘call to action’ and make sure to include your phone number multiple times. Get started by contacting the station's advertising department to set up an appointment with the sales person to discuss options. Rates are always negotiable, especially when you purchase multiple spots.

To help you get started, the MVP* Program for Maximizing VenaCure EVLT Potential™ provides a ready-to-air radio ad. Login to our customer-only portal to download scripts or take our marketing tutorial.