October 2010 Newsletter

Special Offer Programs Bring in New Patients

Special Offer Programs are a great way to entice potential patients to visit your practice or to get prior patients to return. The goal of a Special Offer Program for new patients is to have them visit your practice so they become comfortable with you and your staff, to learn more about their treatment needs and options, and to return as a paying customer. Make sure to target only one specific group (new or returning) at a time with your offer.

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Developing A Special Offer Program Campaign

Create a targeted offer that is appropriate to bring in new patients, such as a Screening Consultation. Create your campaign message and advertising material. Email, local print media and radio are inexpensive and effective promotion outlets. The offer should create a sense of urgency to bring the client in. When promoting your program, address the following key elements to ensure success:

  • Limit the offer using a date range or specify the number available
  • Clearly define the Special Offer
  • Detail the value associated with the Special Offer
  • Track leads to ensure your campaigns' effectiveness

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Some of our practicing physicians share their experiences using the VenaCure EVLT® system and of working with AngioDynamics.