November 2010 Newsletter

VenaCure EVLT® Procedure Featured on Local Fox News

Dr. Melissa Neisen of the Minneapolis Vein Center was recently interviewed about Venacure EVLT laser vein treatment on Fox 9, an affiliate covering the Minneapolis/St. Paul media market. Thousands of potential patients were able to learn how a minimally invasive procedure could be the right treatment for them.      

Watch the clip now and contact your sales representative to learn how your practice could be featured in your local media.

What is Social Media and What Can it Do for My Practice?

Social media uses web-based tools to blend technology and social interaction for user based discussions. The online interactions are generally free and allow anyone registered to access them, generate content and exchange ideas. There are many different forms of Social Media including forums, weblogs, social blogs, podcasts and video.

Social Media can provide a means for attracting new customers by growing your email subscriber list. It should never be viewed as the only means for generating leads, but used as part of your overall marketing strategy. Marketing through Social Media is different from typical media advertising. When using Social Media it’s important to not appear as a marketer, but rather an authoritative voice on your topic, providing solid guidance and explanations.

Learn more about how AngioDynamics can help you grow your practice.

Building a Social Media Campaign

Like any other marketing campaign, you must address key items before launching your program. A Social Media campaign requires thought, attention and dedication. Items to consider while building your campaign are:

  • Goal – set your goals for each campaign to ensure they will benefit your business
  • Message – decide what your focus message is and stick to it
  • Audience – make sure you are in tune with the audience you intend to target through each outlet
  • Plan – how you will spread your message (forums, weblogs, video, etc)
  • Implementation – put your plan into action
  • Analysis – make sure you are meeting your goals through your plan and implementation