March 2010 Newsletter

Expert Training

AngioDynamics is dedicated to partner success, and we understand the training and support it takes to get there. Our MVP program provides in-depth, customized physician education in all aspects of running a vein practice, from technical issues to marketing techniques. Learn more about our customized VenaCure EVLT™ training.

Tips for Effective Website Development

Websites are one of the most valuable and cost effective marketing tools a physician can use. When designed correctly, a website allows potential clients to locate your practice and learn what you have to offer. When developing a site, make sure to follow these key tips:

  • Keep the pages clean and pleasing to view – avoid excessive use of graphics, colors and animation
  • Organize your site before you build it - ensure a smooth flow with minimal clicks
  • Identify your business on the first page - highlight service offerings
  • Provide targeted content – people scan vs. read websites
  • Lend credibility – include contact information on every page

How to Appear in Search Engine Results

Product Theater at SIRIt is essential that your website appear within search results for potential clients to find you. Two common terms for search engine results are ‘organic’ (appear in the natural listing results) or ‘paid’ (appear through a paid program). When developing your site, you can get a head start on ‘organic’ placement by incorporating these tips:

  • Create accurate and distinguishable page titles on each page
  • Use meta tags to summarize your page content on each page
  • Keep text relevant and use key terms and key phrases throughout the content of your site
  • Keep content fresh – blogs are a helpful tool for this

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