June 2010 Newsletter

Developing and Managing a Referral Pipeline

Referrals are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to increase your business and should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Referral programs are powerful, because people listen to what their friends and family say. Steps for developing and managing a referral pipeline:

  • Outline your referral program structure for the year – include timelines and goals
  • Identify your referral client list – include clients that are highly satisfied with their experience
  • Create your program offer and message – short and simple, yet unique in value
  • Contact your client list – educate clients about the program and ask them to participate
  • Create a management strategy – including contact methods, 'Thank You' strategies and a follow up plan for referrals that do not turn into immediate patients

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Building a Referral Program

To ensure the success of a Referral Program, you need to take the time to outline your offer and program in detail. Things to consider:

  • If you include a reward, make sure it is appropriate and substantial, while ensuring it is still profitable
  • Make the reward contingent on an action, such as a purchase, but not so difficult that it seems unlikely to happen
  • Work with your staff to ensure they understand and agree with the program. The offer needs to be simple enough for your staff to explain in a single sentence
  • Educate your clients and ask them to provide referrals
  • Always thank clients for referrals you receive