February 2010 Newsletter

Marketing Programs - Are They Really Necessary? 

Marketing is a crucial element in creating a successful Medical Practice. You can’t expect to bring in new clients if your potential patients don’t know who you are. Many practices ignore marketing because they are unsure of how to get started and how much it will cost. Below are some high-level tips to developing a Marketing Program for your practice.       

AngioDynamics provides a host of marketing support for our customers. Please contact your local sales representative for more information on how we can help you grow your vein practice. You can also visit the Product and Practice Support Section to learn more about the AngioDynamics MVP Program for Maximizing VenaCure EVLT Potential.

Steps for Developing Your Marketing Program

Identify Marketing Objectives

In order to measure the success of your marketing efforts, you must first set your marketing objectives. These are the goals you want to accomplish through your marketing efforts. The objectives should be realistic (yet challenging), specific, measurable and time lined. Most marketing advisers recommend an initial 5 year plan, with a more specific 1 year plan.

Identify Your Target Market And Best Method Of Reach

Once you have your Marketing Objectives in place, you need to thoroughly analyze your target market by creating a detailed outline of your patients; their age range, health state, income level, where they reside, preferred activities and any other defining features. Then determine how best to reach your market. For instance, do they read the newspaper, search the web, respond to free service offerings, participate in contests, etc. Be creative, but make sure to refer to the analysis of your target market to ensure your efforts are appropriate. Learn more about the AngioDynamics MVP Program for Maximizing VenaCure EVLT Potential.

Create Your Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan is a timeline of how you will implement your program to meet your objectives. To start, list the reach methods you will use, next outline the exact activities for each month of the year, and finally list the expense of each activity within the month. Don’t forget to consider the costs of implementing your campaigns. For instance, will you use in-house staff, or will you need to outsource?

Establish Your Marketing Budget

This is perhaps the most stressful element to any Marketing Program. It’s important to remember that what you spend now will have a direct effect on the future success of your Medical Practice. Marketing is a necessary and valuable expenditure. To determine how much you can spend, estimate the income projections for your business. Determine how much of that income will be spent on operating expenses and how much you will allocate toward your marketing efforts. Once you have that figure, compare the allocated amount to your Marketing Plan, and adjust your plan to meet your allocation amount.    

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