April 2010 Newsletter

Heathcare Legislation: What Does it Mean for You?

The passing of Healthcare Legislation brings new business opportunities from those who were previously uninsured. But what are the real pros and cons health care providers will face? Unanswered questions (such as reimbursement rates, plan funding, expense control, tort reform, etc.) leave physicians unsure of their futures. Learn what Healthcare Legislation means for you.

Marketing Opportunity: Tax Refunds are Arriving

With tax season coming to an end, consider a promotion that centers on tax refunds. Remind your clients and leads that their tax refunds make now the perfect time to invest in their health. Plan a well rounded campaign that drives interest to your practice. Examples include a contest to win a specific service, coupons to save a percentage off services, screening offers... the options are endless.

The VenaCure EVLT Procedure to be Featured on TV's 'The Doctors'

On Friday, April 30 ‘The Doctors’ TV show is scheduled to explore the VenaCure EVLT procedure and will watch as a patient has their veins treated. Visit The Doctors website to find the time it will air in your area.

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