Innovative Varicose Vein Treatment at the Vascular Surgery and Vein Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York

The Vascular Surgery & Vein Center, a leading vein treatment clinic in midtown Manhattan, is proud to offer VenaCure EVLT™ treatment, a minimally invasive laser treatment for varicose veins. VenaCure EVLT™ treatment, with more than half a million procedures performed to date, is a proven, safe and effective alternative to painful surgery, and is rapidly becoming the gold standard for varicose vein treatment.

Dr. Norman Chideckel and his staff at Vascular Surgery & Vein Center work hard to ensure that all patients are treated as a top priority. We perform various services for a variety of problems regarding the vascular system, including varicose and spider vein treatment, ligation & stripping, phlebectomies, and sclerotherapy. Our Midtown vein center offers the VenaCure EVLT™ procedure, sclerotherapy and numerous other vein treatments to address the full spectrum of vein disease, from mild and cosmetic to more serious and disabling.

  • Performed by a board-certified vein doctor (phlebologist)
  • Covered by most insurance providers in New York
  • Treatment in the office, in approximately 45 minutes
  • Immediate symptom relief
  • No general anesthesia or hospitalization
  • No scars
  • Return to normal activity immediately – with little to no pain

We invite you to use this web-site to learn more about vein disease, the VenaCure EVLT™ procedure, and the Vascular Surgery & Vein Center in Midtown Manhattan, and if you think you’re a candidate to contact us for an initial consultation.


Important Risk Information.

The Vascular Surgery & Vein Center in Midtown Manhattan is pleased to offer the VenaCure EVLT™ procedure (endovenous laser treatment) along with other treatments they offer for varicose veins and spider veins. With a board-certified vascular surgeon who devotes his entire practice to the treatment of veins, the Vascular Surgery & Vein Center offers one of the most experienced vein treatment clinics in midtown. If you live in midtown and are interested in a safe and minimally invasive laser treatment procedure for varicose veins (or other treatment for varicose or spider veins), contact us for more information.

Located on Second Avenue near 22nd street, our vein center is convenient to midtown, and a subway ride away from the rest of Manhattan and the boroughs.

Vascular Surgery & Vein Center is a full-service vein treatment clinic staffed by a licensed and trained physician experienced in treating vein disease. We specialize in treating all stages of varicose veins and spider veins. Our varicose vein treatment and spider vein treatment services include:

  • VenaCure EVLT™ treatment (Endovenous Laser Treatment)
  • Duplex Ultrasound
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Ligation & Stripping (Vein Surgery)

To schedule an initial screening and determine whether VenaCure EVLT™ treatment may be the right choice for you, contact the Vascular Surgery & Vein Center by clicking here.

Norman Chideckel, MD, FACS

Dr. Chideckel, a board certified surgeon, received his medical degree from SUNY/ Downstate College of Medicine in 1979. He performed his residency in general surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center, where he was Chief Resident.

Dr. Chideckel completed a fellowship in peripheral vascular surgery at Downstate & Lutheran Medical Centers, New York. He is currently the Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has served as clinical instructor of surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

An award winning, highly skilled vascular surgeon, Dr. Chideckel has been listed in the renowned Castle and Connoly Guide "How to Find the Best New York Metro Area Doctors".

In order to provide his patients with the highest level of care, he devotes his practice to the treatment of venous disease.

Professional Societies
Diplomate, American Board of Surgery - American College of Phlebology - Member of Patient Education Committee of American College of Phlebology - American College of Surgeons - Fellow of American Academy of Wound Management - Certified Wound Specialist - Eastern Vascular Society - New York State Cardiovascular Society.


Important Risk Information.

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